AR #075: Jill Bresnahan

AR #075

Jill Bresnahan star of The Smalls Family calls in for a chat about her role as Step Momma Smalls in the hit web series that is set in a sitcom format using lyrics of the late Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls.

Bonus Outakes: Meriem Tazi and “The Hip Hop Restauranteur” Rick Marrero witness Malcolm have a meltdown in pre-production. The crew decide to play the on and off air clips after the podcast, so keep listening after the closing song.


The Symphony – Juice Crew

Fancy – Iggy Azalea

Rappin Duke – Shawn Brown

Karate Chop (Remix) – Future featuring Lil Wayne

Film Clip

Menace II Society

AR #057: Mason Pryor

AR #057

Stand up comedian Mason Pryor calls in for a podcast about: His road to becoming a comic. Life with his father Richard Pryor. Avoiding the pitfalls of fame and indulging in the perks. Plus, a look at angry comedians, brand building, and a wise monkey.


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