AR #057: Mason Pryor

AR #057

Stand up comedian Mason Pryor calls in for a podcast about: His road to becoming a comic. Life with his father Richard Pryor. Avoiding the pitfalls of fame and indulging in the perks. Plus, a look at angry comedians, brand building, and a wise monkey.


MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know – KRS-ONE
Hip Hop Knowledge – KRS-ONE

AR #017 Brandon Alter

AR #017

Brandon Alter sits down to have a podcast about why some films shouldn’t be remade. Smoking and drinking in society and on the job. A look at past and present comedic icons. Plus, a look at who Malcolm thinks is the most influential podcaster on the internet.


A.J. Scratch – Kurtis Blow

Children’s Story – Slick Rick

Commercial – The Excited Southerner At a Job Interview – Adam Sandler