AR #017 Brandon Alter

AR #017

Brandon Alter sits down to have a podcast about why some films shouldn’t be remade. Smoking and drinking in society and on the job. A look at past and present comedic icons. Plus, a look at who Malcolm thinks is the most influential podcaster on the internet.


A.J. Scratch – Kurtis Blow

Children’s Story – Slick Rick

Commercial – The Excited Southerner At a Job Interview – Adam Sandler

AR #016 Meriem Tazi and Bryant X

AR #016

Meriem Tazi and Bryant X  joins the podcast to talk about Malcolm’s Adam Carolla connection, the days of VHS and bad 80’s movies, butt talking in the nude, the risk of wearing short shorts and wardrobe malfunctions. Plus, a look at Björn Borg’s influence on Malcolm.


Give It To Me Baby – Rick James

Mack Attack – Too Short